About Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke is a DJ/Producer with a successful career that stands for over two decades. While touring and continuing his musical career on a world-class level, he has always kept training Kung Fu. Luke calls Kung Fu his second career. A career that he started two decades ago. Before the big touring started, being a music producer in the late 90s, long daily studio sessions would take a toll on his body.

At a certain point in his late teens, Luke stopped being physically active. Outside of the studio, it was time to get his body back into shape. He didn’t want to just go to the local gym to lift weights, but he wanted to dive back into his love for Martial Arts. Luke always had an interest in Martial Arts and did Karate all his childhood. He found out there was an amazing, high-level, Kung Fu school about 45 minutes from where he lived. This was the Hong Ying Martial Arts center, run by Luke’s teacher, a renowned Martial Artist, Mark Horton. Luke stepped foot in the school and never left. It was ten years later that Luke’s big touring started and during this time, the workload was weighing heavier and heavier on him.

Luke’s teacher decided to take it up a notch and to protect him mentally and physically from the toll that his music career life was taking on him. This has helped Luke, not only to become a Kung Fu Athlete but also to be able to maintain his music career on a high level. In the years to come Luke competed at various championships, multiple times at the Kung Fu World Championships in Hong Kong, winning various Gold Medals and Luke, after going through various tests, acquired the title “Sifu”, which means “teacher” or “skillful person”. Under the Sifu Lucas banner (Lucas is Luke’s official name) he has been hosting Kung Fu seminars around the world and has many students globally. He arms them with the same energy that Kung Fu gave him mentally and physically.

It’s Luke’s drive and motivation to share what Kung Fu did for him, with the rest of the world.