Questions about Kung-Fu Classes

  • What is Laidback Luke Kung Fu Class

    It’s me sharing my passion, my lifestyle with you. It’s the key to keeping energized, being able to handle a lot of stress and feeling overall great in your body. It’s amazing to be able to know where all limbs are in any time or space. It helps thoroughly to be able to focus on your breathe and to start learning to breathe correctly. My Kung Fu is my engine behind my creativity and drive and I’d love to share that with you!

Questions about Membership

  • What is included in the membership?

    You will get personal access to me. To be able to ask me Kung Fu related questions any time you want. I can send you personal videos and I will give you advice on how to improve and tackle certain challenges.

  • How can I plan a testing/exam?

    If you are able to do all videos by head, if you think you’ve mastered them correctly, then you can send me videos of you performing all videos. There’s no need to master the workouts. Those won’t be part of the testing. I will most likely give you feedback and comments on what you can improve and after seeing the videos you sent me I can tell you if you are ready for testing or not.

  • What do I get when I succeed in my exam?

    You will pass for the Yellow Sash. By then you’ve noticed a big improvement from since you started and I’m happy to say there are many more Sashes to be obtained afterward. But a Yellow Sash means you have passed all the Kung Fu Basics!

  • Which Course should I start with?

    It’s always a safe bet to start with the basics. You can judge your fitness level and flexibility by trying out the Warm Up videos. Even if you have a past in Kung Fu, the basics will show you how it’s done in Hung Sing Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. When you get a taste for it, you are always welcome to move onto the other videos.