• Yellow Sash


Now that you’ve covered the basics, we will start taking it up a notch. On level two, the orange sash level, the forms you will learn are longer. There’s two new full forms to be learned. The first one is significantly longer than the 16 steps you have learned. We will start getting you used to moving in various directions, not only back and forth. The second form is very long and in Choy Li Fut, this is known as our basic training set. Designed to strengthen your fitness in your stances and strikes and then taking you into some beautiful classic Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, which will come back a lot in the near future. I will also give you your first Bo Staff, or Stick Form. You will start learning to block and strike with the Stick but also get used to combining your foot work with that. In this course you will learn that strikes can be blocks and vice versa. It’s integral for our system! Overall you will find yourself immersing in Kung Fu and when you go through this, moving all four limbs at the same time, while keeping your balance, won’t be an issue for you anymore!

What do you need to get started?

You will need to have tested in Level One, the Yellow sash with me to be ready and able to take this course on. You are still able to keep training in your living room, but keep in mind this might not be the best setting for a Bo Staff or stick. I’d advice you to wear some workout clothes but it also says in every video what kind of clothing will work best for you. You can still follow along with the videos like in level one. Have a bottle of water and towel ready. I’m excited to take you to the next level!