• Orange Sash
  • Yellow Sash


Congratulations! You’ve now reached orange sash and you are ready to take on level three, the green sash level. In this course you will learn to utilize and work with the distance in your stances and punches. You’ll learn the Wall Bag Set, a set you will do against a wall or pole. You will learn your first two man form. Which you can do on your own, or with a partner. Your new hand form will be a more dynamic one. Picking it up from your first cross pattern form you learned on level two. The warm ups continue to make you stronger, working on your core and strengthening your legs. In this course you’ll really develop your legs, because the forms are getting longer.
In level three, you will grow unto an intermediate Kung Fu level. We absolutely start taking it up a notch to get you ready for intermediate level. We end level three with some amazing Kung Fu Sword Drills, to get you ready for the next level, where you’ll start diving into your first, full and real weapon forms.

What do you need to get started?

You will need to have tested in Level Two, the Orange Sash with me to be ready and able to take this course on. You can continue to stay in close quarters, especially for the Wall Bag Set. You would only need a wall or a pole for that. But the other forms, it might be nice to find yourself a bit more space. You are going to be moving around a lot as the forms get longer and longer. By the end of this course, all the basics will feel very simple and you will really feel level to start the intermediate level. I’d advice you to wear some workout clothes but it also says in every video what kind of clothing will work best for you. You can still follow along with the videos like in level two. Have a bottle of water and towel ready and let’s take you up a notch!